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Our Portuguese Camino is a mixture of two routes: the coastal and inland Caminos. It is designed this way to take advantage of the best stages along the Camino in Portugal.
We believe by combining the Coastal Camino and the Inland Camino, our tour is more spectacular and distinctive than other routes; ultimately hoping we surpass your expectations!


Day 1
Our meeting point will be in the lobby of our hotel in Oporto. Group introductions and a short welcome meeting will take place explaining the itinerary in greater detail as well as handing out an information kit about the trip. During the afternoon, you will also have the opportunity to explore the city. Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal situated by the river Douro and designated a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Day 2
Today we start our Walk from Viana do Castelo to Vila Praia de Ancora 15km or 9,32miles.
Today we start walking from Viana do Castelo to Vila Praia de Ancora.
We cross the medieval centre of Viana do Castelo towards Vila Praia de Ancora trekking over undulating hills along ancient Roman roads whileencountering incredible churches and monasteries along ‘the way’.

Day 3
Walk from Via Praia de Ancora to La Guardia 13km or 8miles.
Today, we walk along the coast never losing sight of the Atlantic Ocean until we reach the estuary where the River Miño spills into this vast seathe border between Spain and Portugal. The River Miño is one of the largest and longest rivers in Spain. We end the day in La Villa de la Guardia–a strategic point between Spain and Portugal.

Day 4
Walk from La Guardia to Viladesuso 16,6 km or 10,31miles.
On this day we have the opportunity to trek the impressive beaches of the La Guardia coast, including the famous Portocelo beach with its white sands. (Or?)We can also walk through small fishing villages such as Oia, and try the delicacies fished from the sea here that are so famous around the world.

Day 5
Walk from Tui to O Porriño 15 km or 9,32miles.
We have been walking for three days along the Portuguese coast and today we go to Tui which marks the starting point of the Portuguese route of the inland Camino. During this part of the walk, you are completely surrounded by incredible architecture lining every street of Tui’s historical quarter.

Day 6
Walk from O Porriño to Redondela 15km or 9,32miles.
Today you will have the pleasure of seeing the church of Santa Eulalia del Monte in the parish of Mos—one of the most sublime examples of Galician architecture.

Day 7
Walk from Redondela to Pontevedra 19,8km or 12,30miles.
This day consists of trekking the serene coastlines of Vigo and Pontevedra where we will arrive in the city of Pontevedra, the capital of the Portuguese Way in Galicia. Here, we will see the sanctuary of “La Virgen Peregrina” or Pilgrim Virgin, patron and symbol of the city. The name Pontevedra derives from the Latin word meaning “Old Bridge”. While Pontevedra is the province’s capital, it still remains a rather quaint and charming city located strategically at the end of the Ria that gives it its name.

Day 8
Walk from Pontevedra to Briallos 17,55km or 11miles.
From the town of Caldas del Rei we venture within its ancient forests. Without question, this is one of the most stunning stagesalong the Galician part of the Portuguese Way. It journeys through vineyards, cruceiros (Galician stone crosses) and small rural hermitages.

Day 9
Walk from Briallos to San Miguel de Valga 16,29km or 10,30miles.
We inch closer to Santiago with each step! Today’s trek rewards us with breathtaking scenery along the dirt paths and roads we travel before reaching our destination in San Miguel de Valga. Only two more days before we complete our Pilgrimage!

Day 10
Walk from San Miguel de Valga to Rua de Francos 18,27km or 11,35miles.
As we approach the final segment of the Portuguese Way,our route passes through one of the most emblematic places of the Jacobean mythology: Padrón. According to legend this is the place where the stone boat, once carrying the remains of the Apostle St. James, docked after making the journey from Palestine to Galicia!

Day 11
Walk from Rua de Francos to Santiago de Compostela 13km or 8miles.
Our most exciting day!!! The last stage in our Camino! We exit Rua de Francos from where we will walk the last kilometers of the Portguese Way and make our way into Santiago where we will feel the great joy of having completed the journey.

Day 12
On this final morning, we offer a guided tour through Santiago for our group. The focus will be on the old city, where the historical accounts of both the city and the pilgrimage to Santiago will be explained through its main monuments, squares and streets. During this tour, we will visit the Cathedral where, in addition to its history and evolution, well-known traditions are clarified.
Finally, we finish with the all-impressive 12pm mass within the Cathedral de Santiago uniting with pilgrims from allover the world celebrating together what this personal journey has meant for each of you.

Thank you very much for letting us guide you on this magnificent journey and Buen Camino!!!!

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