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Travel agency & chauffeured coaches and cars on the Camino de Santiago.

Our goal is to support you in your journey, whatever that might be.

We take care of everything so that you are free to just walk, to be, and to experience the Camino in the way that feels right to you.
We hope that you will join us on one of our trips across Spain.

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We offer extraordinary tours of the Camino — the best of the food, wine, accommodations and culture of Spain on this magical path. The Camino has something for everyone. It may bring you laughter. It may bring you strength. It may bring you new friendships. It may bring you a newfound appreciation for the beauty of nature. And almost always, it brings you what you need, even if you don’t know that. you need it.

About us

Viajes Leontur is a leader in the rental of buses throughout Spain, we have a modern and extensive fleet of vehicles that cater to the needs of our customers: buses, microbuses, minibuses and cars, with standard rooms, deluxe and luxury. We hire bus service to individuals, companies, schools, weddings, travel, entertainment … Do you need to rent a bus or luxury car? Viajes Leontur is your company.

What we offer?

Viajes Leontur offers the widest range of chauffeured coaches and cars, with service coverage all Camino de Santiago. Vehicles of all capacities, from 3 to 55 seats, with standard, luxury and deluxe categories.

Renting our buses

If you are interested in renting some of our buses. It covers the fields that you consider important in the following form, and presses on the button “Send”. Shortly, we will put in contact with you and we will send the budget that better adjusts to your necessities.

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Available tours Choose a tour 2017-2018

Camino Confort

Price: 1.900 € per person.
Single Supplement: 400 €

2017 - September 10 – 16, Camino Confort2017 - October 8 - 14, Camino Confort2018 - April 21 - 28, Camino Confort2018 - May 21 - 28, Camino Confort2018 - June 2 - 9, Camino Confort2018 - June 16 - 23, Camino Confort2018 - July 21 - 28, Camino Confort2018 - July 21 - 28, Camino Confort2018 - September 8 - 15, Camino Confort2018 - October 6 - 13, Camino Confort2018 - October 20 - 27, Camino Confort

The Portuguese Way

Price: 2.500 € per person.
Single Supplement: 550 €

2018 - May 17 - 28, The Portuguese Way2018 - September 19 - 30, The Portuguese Way

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